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Important things to discuss with your LEO

End of watch paperwork

Click on link to download a PDF

It's never easy to discuss the what ifs in our spouses jobs. During our 2015 Police wives confrence. We had the privillage of having Shante Johnson and Tanna Fullenkamp speak to us about being thrown in to making decisions about their husbands funeral.

They both had different stories, but ultimately had to make the same decisions. They both stressed how important it was to know where passwords are. What bank accounts you have. What is the combo on the safe?

  One of them spoke about having to get a copy of their husbands social security card becuase she couldn't find it, just to get death benefits. Our whole goal on this page is to help you be prepared. Take a weekend and talk to your spouse. Find out what there wishes are and what are the important things you need to know. 

This is a great time for you to make known what your final wishes are too.

There is never a good time for the dreaded "TALK" but once you have completed it, you will feel 100% better and at ease. 

We have put a couple of PDF documents for you to download and print. They are very generic to fit any type of position. Please feel free to print and modify to your own needs.

Good Luck, and please feel free to share any comments or suggestions, 

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